Dark and Disturbing Films for your Watchlist

An exploration into the human condition, into the need for love, connection, and happiness. Requiem for a Dream explores these themes through the lives of different characters who are all searching for a better life. Sara Goldfarb (Ellen Burstyn) becomes addicted to losing weight, leading her to popping pills which […]

6 Dark & Disturbing Films for your Watchlist


Long Branch

On a cold winter night, Lynn just wants a one-night stand. As she kisses the slightly dorky guy outside a club in Toronto, she thinks she’s found it. But he lives two hours away via public transit, which makes her “no strings attached” encounter suddenly complicated. As the couple get on the subway and then on a bus, what starts out as excitement gets awkward fast. But as things get real, what begins as a fleeting encounter becomes much more interesting. This sweet, winning romantic comedy is carried by its excellent script, as well as earnest, relatable performances by its lead actors. Captured with excellent camerawork and scored with dreamy indie rock, “Long Branch” captures what it’s like to be young, dealing with less than ideal adult lives and falling in love when you least expect it. The journey to a delicate, budding new relationship is filled with its obstacles and rocky moments, but by the film’s end, you’ll want to keep following this pair into the future.

A young woman finds a one-night stand. But he lives 2 hours away via public transit. | Long Branch

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