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Spider-Man: No Way Home – Review

Spider-Man: No Way Home effortlessly combines high-stakes, incredible action sequences, and a darker, emotional core to become the best movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The following review is spoiler-free. Spider-Man: Way Home is third and final film of Marvel’s “Home” trilogy, directly following the events of Spider-Man: Far From Home and continuing the […]

Spider-Man: No Way Home – Review | The Best MCU Movie

The Lighthouse: A Tale of Madness

Directed by Robert Eggers, The Lighthouse is about two men placed on a remote island, far from any civilization, to man and tend to a lighthouse during the 1890’s. As time goes on, both Ephraim Winslow (Robert Pattinson) and his supervisor Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe)  begin having strange and mysterious visions whilst trying to maintain […]

The Lighthouse: A Tale of Madness

‘Hellbound’ ranks Top 10 list in 71 countries, records 43.48-M hours viewed

43.48 million hours of Hellbound was watched 3 days since its release, ranking it to #1 in the top 10 list in 12 countries, including not only South Korea but also Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand.

‘Hellbound’ ranks Top 10 list in 71 countries, records 43.48-M hours viewed

Nosferatu: A Bold Vision of a Familiar Story

a story become too familiar? After almost a century of Dracula narratives, whether they are adapted directly from the Bram Stoker novel or not, the character and his arc feels as familiar as a family heirloom, passed down the generations. This is part of why F.W. Murnau’s “Nosferatu” is the adaptation of the story I come back to more often than any other- Murnau’s film feels like an oddity, like that weird uncle you don’t really want to talk about. And yet, it still has a place in the family, because the DNA remains constant.

Nosferatu: A Bold Vision of a Familiar Story

Alice in Borderland : Raison D’etre

Rating: 9.8/10 Mangaka: Haro Aso Synopsis: Feeling unsettled about the future, high school student Ryouhei Arisu often escapes the reality of life. After hanging out at a bar, Arisu and his best friends, Daikichi Karube and Chouta Segawa, wait for the first train to arrive in the morning. Suddenly, a colorful array of fireworks set […]

Alice in borderland : Raison D’etre

The Green Knight (2021)

WELL DONE, MY BRAVE KNIGHT!   The names of Camelot, Excalibur, Lancelot, Morgana, Merlin, and Arthur Pendragon are some of the main staples to the many different iterations of the Arthurian legends of King Arthur. Taking inspiration from many the tales of British folklore, the legend of King Arthur has been told and retold through […]

The Green Knight (2021) Review (600th Review)

The Isle is a stale melodrama

The Isle has wonderful scenery but a boring, unimaginative plot. The Isle is a 2018 movie about some shipwrecked sailors who get stranded on a strange island, filled with curious supernatural elements. These elements have divided the inhabitants of the island and made them afraid of a Strange Haunting ™. It’s marketed as a mythological […]

The Isle is a stale melodrama

“Gaia” (2021)

“There’s something sinister in the woods.” It’s not a direct line of dialogue from NEON’s upcoming eco-horror film “Gaia” but it could have been. This eerie new chiller from director Jaco Bouwer utilizes the tried-and-true creepy forest setting to great effect, sucking us into another bizarre and unsettling deep-woods scenario that melds mystery with the […]

REVIEW: “Gaia” (2021)

REVIEW: “Undine” (2021)

Needless to say my expectations for the new Christian Petzold film were through the roof. The German filmmaker’s last two movies, 2014’s “Phoenix” and 2018’s “Transit”, are both snugly among my favorites from the last decade. His latest “Undine” has finally come to the States courtesy of IFC Films. And while it might not pack […]

REVIEW: “Undine” (2021)

Oxygen (2021)

Oxygen – Claustrophobic Nightmare   Director: Alexandre Aja Writer: Christie LeBlanc (Screenplay) Starring: Melanie Laurent, Malik Zidi, Laura Boujenah, Eric Herson-Macarel, Anie Balestra, Marc Saez, Cathy Cerda Plot: A woman wakes in a cryogenic chamber with no recollection of how she got there. As she’s running out of oxygen, she must rebuild her memory to […]

Oxygen (2021) Movie Review

A dark romantic fantasy, in and out of the water — “Undine”

Not everyone remembers that “Undine” or Ondine is a name from mythology, a water nymph of “The Little Mermaid” variety — one with a great gravitas attached to her love life. With or without that knowledge, the opening “break-up” scene in Christian Petzold’s German fantasy based on that myth is dark and intense. Johannes (Jacob […]

Movie Review: A dark romantic fantasy, in and out of the water — “Undine”

John’s Horror Corner: The Ruins (2008)

MY CALL:  I love this flick! There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but it’s still a solid movie. We have an awesome cast giving good performances in a well-directed, deliciously gory killer plant movie. What more did you want?  MORE MOVIES LIKE The Ruins:  Well, for more killer plant movies I’d aim for Splinter (2008), Invasion of […]

John’s Horror Corner: The Ruins (2008), this “botanical horror” is a fun, gory, infection-based killer plant movie worth your time.

Norwegian Netflix Original Series “Ragnarok” – Season 2 Coming Soon

Netflix’s Norse mythology-themed series “Ragnarok” returns soon for its second season and we you can now watch the trailer. Season 2 of the show will arrive globally on May 27th. The show premiered in January 2020 and is a modern coming-of-age drama rooted in Norse mythology. The series is set in the small, fictitious town […]

New Trailer for Norwegian Netflix Original Series “Ragnarok” – Season 2 Coming Soon