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CAST & CREW Jason Schwartzman Giada Colagrande Written and directed by Wes Anderson Cinematography: Darius Khondji Editing: Stephen Perkins Production Design: Stefano Ortolani Costumes Design: Milena Canonero Music: Alessandro Casella & Randall Poster Production: The Directors Bureau in association with Hi! Production 0

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The Rooster

She is a cashier, he is just a rooster. What kind of relationships between them is possible? In Russia – any kind! «The Rooster» is an astonishing woman and bird love story, successful festival movie and a comedy telling that it is always hard to start something new. 0

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All Luke and his mom have are two garbage bags full of clothes, and two tickets out of town on the midnight Greyhound. Like he’s assembling a puzzle, Luke has to figure out the why of it–all before the person they’re running from puts together the pieces. 0

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Kiem Holijanda

The brothers Andi (13) en Florist (20) live in a poor and desolate village in Kosovo. By selling milk they earn just enough money to support the family. When Andi discovers a card of a Dutch porn star in their bedroom, he needs a telephone to watch it. He is so obsessed with it, he doesn’t notice his brother has chosen this day to say goodbye to him. 0

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Long Branch

On a cold winter night, Lynn just wants a one-night stand. As she kisses the slightly dorky guy outside a club in Toronto, she thinks she’s found it. But he lives two hours away via public transit, which makes her “no strings attached” encounter suddenly complicated. As the couple get on the subway and then on a bus, what starts out as excitement gets awkward fast. But as things get real, what begins as a fleeting encounter becomes much more… read more Long Branch

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The Toll Road

On the eve of their ninth anniversary, a sweet but naive young couple face a boorish adversary who threatens to ruin their big day. Director by: Tom Riley 0

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An Iranian woman’s husband has an accident at home… and she just watches him die.. “Sometimes an accident is an unhappy woman’s best friend” Stephen King. 0

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Jim Carrey: I Needed Color


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In Sound ,We live Forever

Something bad has(is) happened(happening). 0

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Oscar’s Bell

Duncan and his dog Oscar go on their weekly camping trip into the wilderness. But this trip, when Duncan looks out into the woods, something out there looks back. A selection of Short of the Week, the web’s leading curators of quality short films. 0

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The Translator (Short Comedy Film)

When a teenage girl must act as a translator between her crush and a French girl who catches his eye, she decides to alter their conversation to her benefit. 0

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I Know Jake Gyllenhaal

After Sean and his girlfriend watch a Jake Gyllenhaal movie, Sean suspects his girlfriend has a crush on the movie star; but as Sean’s suspicion grows, his fear seems to manifest their fateful encounter. 0

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Craig’s Pathetic Freakout

Craig shouldn’t smoke. 0

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A terrified young man gets caught up in a surreal and demoralizing “business opportunity.” Will he make it out alive? 0