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Reely Bernie Horror Fest: Halloween – 1978

Before Jason Voorhees of the Friday the 13th series and Freddy Krueger of the Nightmare on Elm Street entries, Halloween’s Michael Myers epitomized the American slasher film and haunted the autumn leaf-covered suburbs with that silly but terrifying Captain Kirk mask. “Slasher” might be an impertinent descriptor, however. Yes, there is a lot of slashing […] Reely Bernie Horror Fest: Halloween – 1978 0

Double Feature: Wish Upon (2017) & Slender Man (2018)

We’re running at the final third of this Halloween Movie Marathon month and as much as planning as I try to put into it, plans change and I started changing my movie selections around and that’s how I’ve randomly ended up doing a Joey King horror double feature for Wish Upon and Slender Man that […] Double Feature: Wish Upon (2017) & Slender Man (2018) 0

Netflix Movie: Hubie Halloween

Image Courtesy of Wikipedia Salem needed a hero, and his name was Hubie! Something was weird happening, which did not escape the eyes and ears of the town’s famous deli worker, Hubie. He was going to save Halloween… Themes 1) bullying: Because Hubie was different from his peers, he was made fun of all this […] Netflix Movie: Hubie Halloween 0

Hubie Halloween: Adam Sandler salvează Halloweenul

Adam Sandler ține străzile din Salem în siguranță pentru copiii plecați la ‘ne dați ori nu ne dați’, în comedia Netflix a lui Steven Brill. Ridicol, prea de tot și simpatic ca orice alt film al lui Adam Sandler, Hubie Halloween este ca o găletușă sculptată în dovleac plină, în care bomboanele de ciocolată la […] Hubie Halloween: Adam Sandler salvează Halloweenul 0

The Burton Theory

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I know it’s not Halloween yet, but it really is because all of October is spooky season for me, so we’re kicking off celebrations in the best possible way ever: Tim Burton. He is, for me, the father of all things spooky, and the reason that I started to look into more nontraditional […] The Burton Theory 0

My Thoughts on: Halloween (1978)

*deep breath* I did it. I’m scared out of my mind but I did it, I watched the original Halloween from beginning to end without stopping. I should explain: I’ve had a fixation with horror/slasher movies for years, by which I mean I’m fascinated by them but I’ve always been too scared to watch them […] My Thoughts on: Halloween (1978) 0