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Me And Me (Sarajin Shigan)

Me And Me (Sarajin Shigan) Korea (2020) Dir. Jung Jin-Young One of the worst things that can happen to a person is to lose sense of who they are, to no longer have their own personality – that is, of course, if they are aware that they are becoming somebody else. Then again, how would […] Me And Me (Sarajin Shigan) 0

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#Alive, Korean movie (2020)

I don’t know if I ever told you guys this, but I live in an apartment building on the 12th floor. Now there are certain advantages and disadvantages to something like that. For one thing I have one of the best views one could think of. Especially with the fireworks at New Year’s Eve I […] #Alive, Korean movie (2020) 0

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Korean Movie Review: #Alive (new Train to Busan?)

I love zombie movies, and I’m also a massive fan of Korean movies/dramas, so when the two are combined into one film, you know I have to watch it. #Alive (#살아있다 in Korean, pronounced “Salaissda,” meaning “live”) is a 2020 Korean movie following a young man stuck in his apartment when a zombie apocalypse begins. […] Korean Movie Review: #Alive (new Train to Busan?) 0