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Film review: Possessor

Following in the footsteps of his father, the iconic filmmaker David Cronenberg, writer and director Brandon Cronenberg dabbles in the ‘body horror’ sub-genre that his old man pioneered for his grisly sophomore feature Possessor. Revered hitwoman Tasya Vos (Andrea Riseborough) is at the centre of the sci-fi thriller, working for an organisation that uses brain-implant […] Film review: Possessor 0

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Brandon Cronenberg Makes His Daddy Proud with ‘Possessor’

“Cronenbergian” pertains to the twisted works of filmmaker David Cronenberg, specifically his graphic depictions of bodily mutations. A film scholar might take offense at this simplification, referencing his common themes of sexuality, the morphing of modern technology with our daily lives, and humanity’s inability to comprehend reality objectively. But when it comes to popular culture, […] Brandon Cronenberg Makes His Daddy Proud with ‘Possessor’ 0

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Possessor – Movie Review

Brandon Cronenberg’s Possessor is a film, just based on its broad premise, that oozes with sick potential. A tech-based thriller filled with queasy horror, the film is like Inception and Ghost in the Shell if dunked in nightmarish psychedelia. And at times, its just as loopily unrealized as a drug-trip. But, on the other hand, […] Possessor – Movie Review 0